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Assorted candies "Stolichny", 770 g

Set includes: candy "Bird's milk", "Constellation", "Strawberry Samba," "Milk Shake", "Minsk soufflé", "Capital"

Ingredients: sugar, chocolate coating (sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, flavor "Vanilla"), cocoa butter, cocoa mass, the core of roasted cashew nuts, syrup, condensed milk with sugar, milk powder, honey, butter, jelly chokeberry, vegetable fat, rectified ethyl alcohol, brandy, egg white powder, cream powder, wine.

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Alex, thank you so very much for your great service year after year!! I really appreciate you guys and will be your customer life. Thank you again Best regards, Irina

25.11.2019, Irina

Great service ! Beautiful flowers !

01.10.2018, Erika

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