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Our company is an official partner of the world's largest floral network TELEFLORA founded in 1926. Currently, the company cooperates with TELEFLORA 50,000 florists in 84 countries and continues to seek new partners.

With headquarters in Los Angeles, California, company TELEFLORA only in America works with 18,000 florists, and is the most popular flower delivery service in the United States, Canada and New Zealand.

Representative Office in Belarus TELEFLORA created to ensure that every florist was able to earn more by offering its customers an international delivery of flowers, and clients were happy with fast, high and professional service anywhere in the world. We offer our partners the best conditions for cooperation, and customers - low prices and a 100% guarantee the best service for the delivery of flowers and gifts worldwide.

Customers' Testimonials

Alex, thank you so very much for your great service year after year!! I really appreciate you guys and will be your customer life. Thank you again Best regards, Irina

25.11.2019, Irina

Great service ! Beautiful flowers !

01.10.2018, Erika

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