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Customers' Testimonials

  • Your work perfectly shows what I needed to get, thanks!

    07.09.2011, Bayle
  • Thank You, She loved them! Job well done ! They looked exactly like the picture I sent. I will use your service again.

    22.06.2012, Tyler Lyne
  • Thank you guys! Flowers arrived to the destination just in time.

    10.11.2012, Stephen
  • Thank for your services, the flowers were delivered on time and at the right location, and i greatly appreciate it.

    23.11.2012, Irina Gerasimovich
  • Thanks very much for the delivery!

    26.11.2012, Fouad M Hamad
  • Thanks for your attention and professional delivery i am glad to make business with your company, and hope we will work again.

    10.12.2012, Özcan YÜKSEL
  • Flowers were butiful, delivered timely and without any doubts. My girl have been surprised and happy! Thank you!

    13.02.2013, Jason
  • U z best!

    07.03.2013, ludmila sidorovich
  • Thank you very much for the great service!!! You gave the smiles, kindness and the warmest feelings! I'm so happy I made the great surprise for my mother with your help!!!

    07.03.2013, Tatiana
  • Thank you for delivering the flowers to my family ,they were very pleased with them I will be using your service again!

    07.03.2013, Polina
  • Everything is great! Thank you very very much! My mother is very glad of the tulips!!!!!!

    07.03.2013, Olga Stepanova
  • Thank you for making my mom's Bday special! She absolutely loved the flowers! Great service!

    20.03.2013, Natallia Shybeka
  • Very kind of you Vika. Thank you for your service!

    06.04.2013, CLAUDIO LELLO
  • Thank you very much! Best regards, Anna

    09.05.2013, Anna Sloboda
  • Thank you very much for your excellent costumer service! She already receive roses and she is very happy!!!! I hope to send flowers with you again!

    07.08.2013, Marian
  • Thank you so much for your good work:)

    17.11.2013, Marianne
  • Thank you very much! I just spoke with my mom, she got everything as ordered. Thank you again! Natallia

    03.12.2013, Natallia
  • Thank you !!! Lukasz

    11.12.2013, Lukasz Blaszczyk
  • I ordered flowers from USA, payed with card an in five days, my flowers was delivered, recipient was very very happy! Thank you! I recommend definitely. I saw photo of flowers, were very beautiful.

    10.03.2014, Eduard
  • Beautiful, very nice bouquet!I have sent a lovely bouquet of flowers for my sister's birthday. She loved them. She said they got delivered at 8 a.m. just as it was said on the order, and the person who delivered them was very nice. highly recommend!!

    11.04.2014, Margaret
  • Thanks a lot for the service you provided! Good job!!

    29.05.2014, Tom
  • Dear Vika...just a thank you for the flowers I ordered and where delivered to a my very special lady friend last week. She was so surprised and overwhelmed by the tulips. Great job with the arrangement. Thanks you once again!!

    07.06.2014, Peter
  • Thank you very much Regards Fouad

    18.06.2014, Fouad Hamad
  • Good day, I want to thank you all for delivering the flowers, even on time. It was a real surprise to my fiancée, so I'm happy.Thanks again. Best regards"

    19.07.2014, Eduard
  • Thank you so much Vika ! I appreciate your assistance ! Regards Mohamad Hijazi

    24.09.2014, Mohamad Hijazi
  • Thank you!

    04.11.2014, Irina Howell
  • Thank you very much!

    10.11.2014, John Abdel-Jabbar
  • Thank you for your service ad your quality. It was really very good, for sure I will need you again! Regards, Vasilis

    14.12.2014, Vasilis Thelouras
  • Thank you very much!

    26.12.2014, Omar Montes
  • Thanks, Vika!

    07.03.2015, Irina Howell
  • Hello my dear Vika, Greetings! Thank you so much for your service! Warm regards, Mike

    07.03.2015, Mukesh(Mike) Jalan
  • Thanks you, You guys have great service, she has received them!

    21.04.2015, Cleve Elder
  • Thank you very much, i will be your customer. Best regards, Ashraf

    11.08.2015, Ashraf
  • many greetings thanks for the prompt delivery, thank you, and friendly

    07.10.2015, Karak Atilla
  • Dear Vika, Thank you for all your help! You are the Best! Irina

    24.11.2015, Irina Gerasimovich
  • Thank you very much Best regards Lucas Ponderane

    14.12.2015, Lucas
  • Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of your day. All the best...

    16.12.2015, Al
  • Thanks for successful delivery. Appreciated your business Thanks Gideon

    21.02.2016, Gideon
  • Thank you very much Fouad

    14.02.2017, Fouad
  • Great service ! Beautiful flowers !

    01.10.2018, Erika
  • Good job, Thank you! Delivered on time, beautiful roses!

    03.10.2018, Kinga
  • Alex, thank you so very much for your great service year after year!! I really appreciate you guys and will be your customer life. Thank you again Best regards, Irina

    25.11.2019, Irina
Customers' Testimonials

Alex, thank you so very much for your great service year after year!! I really appreciate you guys and will be your customer life. Thank you again Best regards, Irina

25.11.2019, Irina

Great service ! Beautiful flowers !

01.10.2018, Erika

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