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Customers' Testimonials

  • Your work perfectly shows what I needed to get, thanks!

    07.09.2011, Bayle
  • Thank You, She loved them! Job well done ! They looked exactly like the picture I sent. I will use your service again.

    22.06.2012, Tyler Lyne
  • Thank you guys! Flowers arrived to the destination just in time.

    10.11.2012, Stephen
  • Thank for your services, the flowers were delivered on time and at the right location, and i greatly appreciate it.

    24.11.2012, Irina Gerasimovich
  • Thanks very much for the delivery!

    26.11.2012, Fouad M Hamad
  • Thanks for your attention and professional delivery i am glad to make business with your company, and hope we will work again.

    10.12.2012, Özcan YÜKSEL
  • Flowers were butiful, delivered timely and without any doubts. My girl have been surprised and happy! Thank you!

    14.02.2013, Jason
  • U z best!

    07.03.2013, ludmila sidorovich
  • Thank you very much for the great service!!! You gave the smiles, kindness and the warmest feelings! I'm so happy I made the great surprise for my mother with your help!!!

    08.03.2013, Tatiana
  • Thank you for delivering the flowers to my family ,they were very pleased with them I will be using your service again!

    08.03.2013, Polina
  • Everything is great! Thank you very very much! My mother is very glad of the tulips!!!!!!

    08.03.2013, Olga Stepanova
  • Thank you for making my mom's Bday special! She absolutely loved the flowers! Great service!

    20.03.2013, Natallia Shybeka
  • Very kind of you Vika. Thank you for your service!

    06.04.2013, CLAUDIO LELLO
  • Thank you very much! Best regards, Anna

    09.05.2013, Anna Sloboda
  • Thank you very much for your excellent costumer service! She already receive roses and she is very happy!!!! I hope to send flowers with you again!

    07.08.2013, Marian
  • Thank you so much for your good work:)

    18.11.2013, Marianne
  • Thank you very much! I just spoke with my mom, she got everything as ordered. Thank you again! Natallia

    04.12.2013, Natallia
  • Thank you !!! Lukasz

    12.12.2013, Lukasz Blaszczyk
  • I ordered flowers from USA, payed with card an in five days, my flowers was delivered, recipient was very very happy! Thank you! I recommend definitely. I saw photo of flowers, were very beautiful.

    11.03.2014, Eduard
  • Beautiful, very nice bouquet!I have sent a lovely bouquet of flowers for my sister's birthday. She loved them. She said they got delivered at 8 a.m. just as it was said on the order, and the person who delivered them was very nice. highly recommend!!

    11.04.2014, Margaret
  • Thanks a lot for the service you provided! Good job!!

    29.05.2014, Tom
  • Dear Vika...just a thank you for the flowers I ordered and where delivered to a my very special lady friend last week. She was so surprised and overwhelmed by the tulips. Great job with the arrangement. Thanks you once again!!

    07.06.2014, Peter
  • Thank you very much Regards Fouad

    18.06.2014, Fouad Hamad
  • Good day, I want to thank you all for delivering the flowers, even on time. It was a real surprise to my fiancée, so I'm happy.Thanks again. Best regards"

    19.07.2014, Eduard
  • Thank you so much Vika ! I appreciate your assistance ! Regards Mohamad Hijazi

    24.09.2014, Mohamad Hijazi
  • Thank you!

    05.11.2014, Irina Howell
  • Thank you very much!

    10.11.2014, John Abdel-Jabbar
  • Thank you for your service ad your quality. It was really very good, for sure I will need you again! Regards, Vasilis

    15.12.2014, Vasilis Thelouras
  • Thank you very much!

    27.12.2014, Omar Montes
  • Thanks, Vika!

    08.03.2015, Irina Howell
  • Hello my dear Vika, Greetings! Thank you so much for your service! Warm regards, Mike

    08.03.2015, Mukesh(Mike) Jalan
  • Thanks you, You guys have great service, she has received them!

    21.04.2015, Cleve Elder
  • Thank you very much, i will be your customer. Best regards, Ashraf

    11.08.2015, Ashraf
  • many greetings thanks for the prompt delivery, thank you, and friendly

    07.10.2015, Karak Atilla
  • Dear Vika, Thank you for all your help! You are the Best! Irina

    24.11.2015, Irina Gerasimovich
  • Thank you very much Best regards Lucas Ponderane

    15.12.2015, Lucas
  • Thank you so much! Enjoy the rest of your day. All the best...

    17.12.2015, Al
  • Thanks for successful delivery. Appreciated your business Thanks Gideon

    22.02.2016, Gideon
  • Thank you very much Fouad

    15.02.2017, Fouad
  • Great service ! Beautiful flowers !

    01.10.2018, Erika
  • Good job, Thank you! Delivered on time, beautiful roses!

    03.10.2018, Kinga
Customers' Testimonials

Great service ! Beautiful flowers !

01.10.2018, Erika

Good job, Thank you! Delivered on time, beautiful roses!

03.10.2018, Kinga

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